Shipping Options

Shipping Options

shipping optionThe shipping method you choose at the checkout page determines how quickly your shipped item will be delivered to your doorstep. We process one shipping address (your billing address) per order if no separate instruction is provided through ‘Note’ field of checkout page (If you would like to create a different shipping address, please, before placing an order, create an account, log in and create shipping address from your control panel). If you would like to ship to different address, please, clearly mention it to your note. Remember, an order is not delivered to two separate ship address. For doing so, you have to put separate orders for every shipping address and pay accordingly. You can also enquire to see if our shipping service is available for the address you intend to have your ordered products delivered to through our contact us form from the home page of the store.

  • Regular shipping: Delivers within 2-3 business days
  • Express shipping:  Delivers within 36 hours or next day

Shipping cost

You can avail FREE DELIVERY at your intended address for a purchase of or more than BDT. 3,500 (fair weight policy applicable) and paying the total payment in advance.

           Shipping price chart


Shipping charges Shipping Method
1 kg BDT 60 Regular (2-3 business days)
1 kg BDT 150

Express (next day shipping)

Please note, once your package weight crosses the round figure, you will be charged an additional BDT 25 (after giving subsidies by us) per kg.