Our Payment Systems

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World-Wide (International)

At present, we’ve no integrated Payment Gateway for direct payment for the international buyers. We’ll share a custom Payment Link to the International buyers based on discussion after placing the order. So, it is requested to all valuable international customers to contact us for easy payment solution for faster order processing as soon as possible or before placing the order.

Local (Bangladesh)

All of our valued customers are shopping and paying their bills online. It is a secure and convenient way to manage your account and your time. But this is not the only way to pay the bill of OitaKoto.Com. Considering our present socio-economical infrastructure, we accept wide verities of the Payment system, so that, a customer never find us difficult to pay the bill, as others.

 The options are:


After adding your product(s) to the Cart, click “proceed to checkout” option and you will be redirected to “Checkout” section. In this section, you have to provide necessary information for payment and product shipment along with a Note option (Here you can create an account for OitaKoto.Com as well for future reference and security). At the Right section, you can see the options for payment. Select the payment option that suits you most. Please note, your billing amount will be shown in Bangladeshi Taka on the payment gateway.

Payment options

Our products are available for payments by Credit/Debit Card, Mobile Banking/Money Transfer But we don’t have support for Cash on Delivery!

Credit card payments

The total billed amount for your order will be charged to your credit card after your card has been approved. Your order will automatically be cancelled if the amount charged exceeds the credit limit on your card.

Debit card payments

The total billed amount for your order will be charged to your debit card after your card has been approved.


Your order will be reserved for 2 hours without processing for payment. During this period, you have to choose the right option and pay accordingly. If no payment is made during this period, your order shall not be processed and the order will be discarded.