7 Reasons Why You Should Use Kotlin for Android App Development

This construct is similar to normal classes except that the key functions equals, toString, and hashCode are automatically generated from the class properties. In Java, such classes are expected to provide a standard assortment of functions such as those. Data classes are not required to declare any methods, though each must have at least one property.

Some of the data inconsistency related to initialization, or other issues caused by external its code. It incorporates coroutines, as well as interoperability with Javascript for web development. Any chunk of code written in it is much smaller compared to it, as it is less verbose and less code means fewer bugs.

Kotlin vs Java, which is better?

100% interoperable with Java – Kotlin and Java can co-exist in one project. The most important reason for introducing Kotlin to Android advancement was to decrease the number of lines of code and make development more convenient. Everything that can be done utilizing Java can be done utilizing Kotlin for Android development. Can expect to receive timely support from others in the community.

  • Kotlin, meanwhile, simplifies the process of creating data classes by requiring only the inclusion of the keyword “data” in the class definition.
  • Spend less time writing your code and working to understand the code of others.
  • Up until May 2017, the only officially supported programming languages for Android were Java and C++.
  • Kotlin is 100% compatible with the JVM and as such you can use any existing frameworks such as Spring Boot, vert.x or JSF.
  • Kotlin is here to stay, and businesses must take cognizance of that if they haven’t already.

Developers use Kotlin for JavaScript to translate Kotlin lines of code into JavaScript for front-end web development. This approach lets them use the same code on the front and back ends. So, you could be the next potential employee for any of these major companies. We have develop a great learning material for Kotlin which will help you to prepare for the technical interviews and certification exams based on Kotlin.

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As a multi-threaded language, Java includes a built-in garbage collector and supports memory management, unlike other languages like C++. Because it is network-centric, Java facilitates distributed computing, and it supports checked exceptions that are caught as they occur. Java is best suited for creating Android apps since it is platform-independent, and as a result, Java apps work on any platform.

what is kotlin in android

Automated tools can convert Java code to Kotlin, but they may only sometimes produce accurate results, and manual conversion can be error-prone. Moreover, migrating the existing codebase would require significant effort, and testing should be done thoroughly to ensure that the migrated code still works as expected. Also, the attempt to make the existing Java codebase null-safe how to hire a kotlin developer could be substantial, as in Java, null is an accepted value, while in Kotlin, it is considered a problem to be handled. Adopting a new programming language like Kotlin comes with challenges and considerations. The compiler will then force the developer to check ‘null’ before doing anything with the variable. Due to this, a Null Pointer Exception does not occur in Kotlin.

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It is practical with proven features from other programming languages and world-class IDE support. The IDE plugin works in the case of Kotlin and allows several of Java’s popular features. Kotlin has classes with constructors, along with nested, inner, and anonymous inner classes, and it has interfaces like Java 8. To create a class instance, call the constructor just like a regular function. Google recommends developers start building Android applications with Kotlin, and has taken an increasingly Kotlin-first approach to modern Android development.

what is kotlin in android

Unfortunately, you have to set the minimum SDK to Android 24 to use all of Java 8’s features, which isn’t an option for many developers. The fragmentation of the Android ecosystem makes it impossible to leave out users with older devices. For most developers, Java 9 and 10 aren’t even on the radar. At Google I/O 2017, Google announced that Android will support Kotlin as a first-class programming language from now on.

Which versions of JVM does Kotlin target?

Kotlin/Native is available as a part of Kotlin project. It compiles Kotlin to native code that can run without a VM. It is still in beta, but you can already try it on popular desktop and mobile platforms and even some IoT devices. For more information, check out the Kotlin/Native documentation.

what is kotlin in android

Given quizzes have multiple choice type of questions and their answers with short explanation. Kotlin, on the other hand, was designed to compile quickly in the most frequent software development scenarios, and in fact often compiles faster than Java code. Before https://globalcloudteam.com/ learning Kotlin Tutorial, you must have the basic knowledge of any programming language. If you’re new to Android and want to learn to create applications with Kotlin, check out this Udacity course. Kotlin is very easy to learn, especially for Java developers.


Kotlin variable declarations and parameter lists have the data type come after the variable name , similar to Ada, BASIC, Pascal, TypeScript and Rust. In July 2011, JetBrains unveiled Project Kotlin, a new language for the JVM, which had been under development for a year. JetBrains lead Dmitry Jemerov said that most languages did not have the features they were looking for, with the exception of Scala. However, he cited the slow compilation time of Scala as a deficiency.

what is kotlin in android

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